Various Artists - XMAS MIX (2009)

It's the most wonderful time of the year (give or take a few days) so it's time to ditch all that good music you've been listening to for the majority of the year and stick on some Christmas themed tracks that everyone can enjoy!

Actually, fuck that. How about some music that wouldn't be out of place in your music collection whilst still retaining something that warrents them a spin at this most festive season? How about a Christmas playlist?

So this is a playlist lovingly created by some indispensable lass that I'm lucky to know. "What's on it?" I hear you ask. Well...I ain't gonna tell you, that's like giving people presents without wrapping them. Everyone knows half the fun is not knowing what the gift is going to be, thinking it's going to be that Archers of Loaf tshirt you asked for and ripping off the festive paper to discover it's actually a few pairs of socks.

But y'know what? Socks are fucken ace, and so is this playlist. So see what you make of it, and see if you can get yourself into the festive spirit without having to listen to WHAM!

Give it a listen

Archers Of Loaf tshirts? I'll take 20!


The Lillingtons - Death By Television (1999)

I was thinking of what to upload and post about today. I still have a lot of emo albums I want to share (left over from emo week!) but I feel like you, the reader, need a break from all that emocore nonsense. But then I was struggling to think of what I could possibly upload. Hmm...

Oh, what this? One of the greatest pop-punk albums ever? An album that is criminally overlooked by the public and critics alike? Sounds like the kind of thing I usually post around here, so why change now?

Well...actually, I feel like I've overhyped it now. Don't be expecting some album that will change your life and make you a better person, because this album ain't gonna do the trick. Don't get me wrong, it certainly is a masterpiece but only in the sense of it's the best at what it does. And what it does is throw countless two-minute punk tracks at you, each with catchy guitar hooks and melodies and choruses you'll be shouting *ahem* singing along to in no time.

Give it a whirl. You need some decent, manly punk to get you away from that sissy, emotional stuff.

Give it a listen

I want to be man and men BUY their music


A Weather - Cove (2008)

Well, long time no post. I think I've posted enough emo albums to last you all a good while (which is a shame, because I actually had a few more I wanted to share but I guess I'll save those for a rainy day). So to take a break from all that noisey, angsty, emotional bullshit here's a quiet, innocent and truly heartfelt album by some band you've never heard of. Does that sound good? Well, ever onwards then!

Again, this is one of those albums I've completely forgotten the story to - that is to say, I have no idea how I heard about it or got my hands on it but I have to admit, I wouldn't have it any other way. It seems so magical as a result.

A Weather are from all over the place, but they're based in Oregon which is where they make all those quiet, innocent, heartfelt songs I went on about before. And as far as I'm aware this is their only album as of now, and it's beautiful. Nine songs. That's all it is. Nine wonderful songs, each with its own story and personality. It's one of those albums were it's so hard to choose your favorite track because they're all amazing and unique. The one thing they all have in common is this very "hush" sound that makes listening to this album a very personal experience; it's like the band is whispering to you (telling you everything is going to be alright...ish). The lyrics are part of their charm as well, telling tales of heartbreak and the like. It's all stuff we can relate to and it really does add to that personal element I was just chattering on about.

And come on, the band themselves describes their songs as “The things that stuffed animals might tell you if they’d had a few too many.” If that doesn't appeal to you then I honestly think there's very little hope for you.

Give it a listen

It's like the band is whispering to me...they're saying "buy our album"


Colossal - Welcome The Problems (2004)

Words can't express how much I love this album. Really, it's hard to write about. I've been rewriting this first paragraph for about 20 minutes trying to find the words to describe this album.

Still, if this is what emo music sounds like in this day and age then it ain't bad. Sounds like a mix between American Football and Don Caballero ie. emo vocals and emo guitars but also math rock drums and math rock guitars. I guess I could also throw some comparisons to Look Mexico, but Colossal have some sort of an edge to them, some grit. It's like they're....damn.

It's hard to find the words. Hopefully you'll dig this, though.

Give it a listen

It's hard to find the words to describe this album but it sure ain't hard to buy it.


Knapsack - This Conversation Is Ending...Starting Right Now (1998)

Emo week isn't over yet. I'm not sure when it will end, but I at least wanted to post something in the same vein as this jewel of an album.

You gotta remember that emo was still a pretty alternative/underground scene in the early 90s. Pretty surprising when you remember that the early 90s music scene was obsessed with this "alternative" ideal. But I guess bands like caP'n Jazz and Sunny Day Real Estate were as big as they got, which doesn't shock me since those are some of the...I don't know, "tamer" bands? They were angsty and loud from time to time, but they could hold a tune, y'know? It seems emo was just a genre that was to be unheard of forever.

But then some kids got together and did something wonderful, something that would certainly inspire the following generation with an influence you can still hear in popular music today. Emo-pop.

Knapsack were one of these bands that appeared during the later half of the 90s recording some emo inspired pop punk. Or was it pop punk inspired emo? Oh, I don't know but the point is they're great. It was bands like this as well as Saves The Day and The Get Up Kids that produced some top quality music that was the best of both worlds. It had the emotional vocals and lyrics of emo, but it had the catchyness of pop-punk.

I'm making it sound terrible, but it isn't. It may scream teenage angst, but it sounds so damn good. Knapsack never made it as big as their contermpories (who didn't really make "it" either) but this album casts a long shadow, and is a worthy last testement to a wonderful band. Check it.

Give it a listen

Emo-pop? All the fun of alternative music but with all the fun of being able to buy a cd pretty easily? Sounds rad to me


Indian Summer - Discography (1994)

If there's one common trend amongst emo bands (apart from playing emocore, being signed to indie labels, playing small venues, singing emotional bullshit and generally just being emo) it's a lack of recorded material. Hell, look at caP'n Jazz, one of the most highly regarded, critically acclaimed, influential emo bands to come out of the 90s midwest emo explosion. They deserve all the praise they get and all, but just think about it. You can get EVERYTHING they ever recorded in one 34 song compilation. And it's the same for a lot of bands.

Another great example of an entire career squished into one amazing album would be this beauty by quiet/loud practioners Indian Summer.

For those who are unfamiliar with this band let me try and explain their sound. I guess you could compare them to Slint but more extreme. That is to say, the quiet parts are really quiet and the loud parts are REALLY FUCKING LOUD. The average song will start of with some beautiful, melodic yet very minamilistic guitar playing and rather soft, gentle drumming. A hushed voice creeps in, whispering over the music. It's all nice and quiet. Ahhh....


So check it out, see how the quiet/loud dynamic that was so often used by the likes of Pixies, Nirvana and Slint was applied to the emotional hardcore genre that we all know and love so much.

Give it a listen

Goddamn, you wanna buy THIS album? I can't find it ANYWHERE, for srs.


I Hate Myself - Ten Songs (1997)

In November, 1997, a small band from Florida released what would be their only full length album. Titled "10 Songs" it was just that, a collection of 10 of their songs, recorded in the summer months by a group of guys who played some pretty cool music. Really it shouldn't be anything more than that. It should be as simple as it sounds. I shouldn't have to make this post about it, but here I am.

What we have here is one of the finest emo albums ever. I don't really want to go into the story of "emo" or "emocore" too much, because it's a story that is cloudy and mysterious even in the minds of the guys who were in the midst of it. But what I will say is that the genre exploded in the 90s, with fuckloads of bands going in different directions. I Hate Myself went in the "scream like an emotional white kid who doesn't give a fuck about anything whilst the band plays some fucking powerful yet melodic guitar lead music" direction. Oh, and what a wise decision that was.

So give this a listen and see what you make of it. I hope you like it, because the birthday of this album reminded me about how old emo is getting. Fuck, bro, Revolution Summer happened 24 years ago. As a result, I'm going to post some of my favorite post-hardcore, emotive hardcore and screamo releases this week. There'll be forgotten classics and brand new masterpieces. So let's all stick on our skinniest pair of jeans, stick on that dirty tshirt you wore yesterday and listen to some emotional bullshit!

Give it a listen

Y'know what else is pretty emo? Buying music...


Junichi Masuda - Pokemon Blue

Again, with the whole "not updating" thing. Screw you, that's why.

So I'm posting this, one of the greatest video game soundtracks ever, for several reasons. First and foremost, just read the previous sentence again. This is one of the greatest vidya soundtracks, for sure. I'm not just saying that because I love the game and the music brings nothing buy good memories back, I'm saying it because it really does demonstrate some amazing use of the gameboys hardware and it's all so damn catchy. Secondly, yeah, read the previous thing. I fucken loved these games, blue AND red but clearly Blue was the superior game and Squirtle was the superior starter. Do I have a reason for believing these things? Sure. I had the exact same beliefs when I was about 7, so they HAVE to be awesome beliefs. And finally, the last reason why I'm posting it is because I honestly can't be bothered uploading an album right now and I uploaded this a few weeks back.

SO, sit back and enjoy the best music a gameboy can throw at you.

Give it a listen

I'm a terrible person and I do not own a copy of Pokemon Red, Blue or even Yellow


The Progress - Merit (2006)

The Progress were an odd band. Odd in the same way a lot of current emo bands are odd. They had everything you could ever need to be popular, great songs, great lyrics, tight guitar playing, hooks-a-plenty. Heck, they even have the "emo" tag which is so down with the kids. But they're weren't popular back when they were together and they're not popular now. They've been overshadowed by those mediocre pop/punk bands that, somewhere along the lines, have emo influences (or so sources tell me).

But fuck them. Fuck the kids. Fuck what's popular. This is an amazing record, and one that certainly deserves your time. It's not going to change your life, and I doubt it's something you've never heard before but in a decade filled with so much crap it's nice to know that a band exists that can still hit all the right notes.

Check it out if you're into bands like Braid, Look Mexico, The One Up Downstairs and heck I'd say there's even a little bit of Jawbreaker in this record if they're more your thing. You know the score, if you like emotional bullshit you'll like this.

Give it a listen

Downloading music is too mainstream, I only buy music


Seam - Are You Driving Me Crazy? (1995)

A harsh, high pitched bleep wakes you from your sleep, bringing you back into the world. It's the next best thing to pitch black in your room as you sit up in your bed, sleep deprived having stayed up till 5am. A draft of cold air rolls through the room, bounding up your back, sending shivers down your spine. Fuck this. You get up, move the curtains and look out of the window.

It's a typical cold, grey, miserable-as-hell winter morning. It looks like it should be 3am, but it isn't. It's 7:10, and you need to get ready. You try and fight it but you know you have to get washed and dressed, you know you have to face the world.

Fuck this, man.

She broke your heart, she fucking lied to you. Everything was going just fine and dandy and then.....then this.

Fuck this, man.

You pack your things and prepare to venture outside of the house. You're all wrapped up warm, but as soon as you walk out that door it doesn't matter. The wind is the perhaps the cruelest fucker on the planet. He goes straight through you, bringing a freezing sensation to your entire body. Heck, he brings a freezing sensation to parts of your body you didn't even know existed.

You stop for a moment. You look around. Cold, hungry, miserable as fuck. Heck, you're heartbroken. You want nothing more than to curl up in a ball and shun the world. And yet here you are on this miserable day, doing your usual thing like nothing's different.

The winter landscape with its dead trees, pale skies and dimly lit streets seems to reflect your own tormented soul...

It's a cold winter morning, you're tired, you're heartbroken and you've got a long day ahead of you.


Give it a listen

She said we should "just be friends" because I don't buy enough music


Nana Grizol - Love It Love It (2008)

First of all I'd like to apologise for not posting for a long time, my bad, get over it, I am. Now, onto the album eh?

Wow, that's the first thing I should say about this release, just plain "Wow". This is one of those albums that you love from the moment you hear the first track, it's so instantly enjoyable that it's insane. The cover may look like it's going to be a sickly sweet twee-fest, but it isn't (kinda but not really) it's actually a remarkable folk punk album that has some of the quirkiest and most beautiful lyrics you've ever heard.

Their influences are evident; Arcade Fire, Bob Dylan, every Elephant 6 band ever (including NMH) but there's enough there to seperate them from this collective of artists making them their own, unique, band.

This album has so many hooks and lyrics anyone can relate to that it'll surprise me if anyone with a heart doesn't enjoy this in the slightest.

Give it a listen

Folk Punk is the new thing, and so is buying music


Oblivians - Soul Food (1995)

Y'know, sometimes music doesn't need a long, boring description that details the very sound of a band by comparing it to bands you've never heard of put into situations you've never seen outside of tv-land. Sometimes music is just....raw, noisey gibberish.

Sometimes we just call it garage rock or punk, but the point is Oblivians are the embodiment of it, whatever "it" may be.

Sounding like a dusty bootleg of a gig an obscure, forgotten blues rock band from the 60's played in a bar in the middle of the desert, Soul Food is the perfect example of that Oblivians sound. Raw, jagged and totally ahead of its time...in that it sounded completely out of its time. Seriously, it amazes me that these guys were a 90's garage rock band and not a 60's garage rock band that jammed with the likes of The Stooges and The Sonics.

I'm just rambling now, so forget everything I said and just listen to the music for yourself.

Give it a listen

I'm so punk I buy music


The Mostar Diving Club - Don Your Suit Of Lights (2009)

I always hate it when people ask me what kind of music I like. What do I answer back with? Do I go with the always classic "everything but rap and country"? Or maybe the amazingly pretentious "I listen to everything". Y'see, it's a hard question to answer. I couldn't possibly list off all the bands I like, or praise certain genres because that just isn't a very accurate depicition of the music I listen to.

But if you were to ask me what kind of music I LOVE then I think I know what my answer would be. I mean, it helps that I've been asked this once before, but whatever. Just roll with it okay?

I love singer/songwriters who make beautiful, magical records all by themselves. The idea of one guy spilling his heart out, doing his best, making a record as well as he can sends chills down my spine. I love the image of a guy waking up in a small cabin in the middle of nowhere, knowing that he's going to spend the rest of the day writing music, writing what he feels, thinking that maybe today he will finish this record - his masterpiece. He will start off writing and recording simple songs that anyone can appreciate but as time passes he will explore the medium that is song-writing, finding a sound that truly expresses how he feels. These experimental flourishes will be what sets his album aside from everything else.

THAT is the kind of music I love.

But, if anyone ever asks me that question ever again I'll probably just say "The Mostar Driving Club's 'Don Your Suit Of Lights' of course" because it's a lot quicker to say, and it's exactly the kind of record I'm talking about.

Check it out if you like beautiful melodies, touching lyrics and amazingly twee songs about honeybees.

Give it a listen

I can buy this on his myspace, right? (dunno)


The Fad - Kill Punk Rock Stars (2007)

Don't let the terrible cover art fool you, this right here is a gem of an album. I'm not sure about you, but I find a lot of ska-punk bands are too over-produced and (for lack of a better/real word) "horny" these days. I mean, don't get me wrong, I love first wave and second wave ska and I know why horns are forever present in the genre...but you'd think there'd be a few more bands that just played straight up ska-punk like Operation Ivy. But no, most of the big names have a billion horns tooting as they shout about sticking it to the man, and frankly it just doesn't work for me.

Thank goodness for The Fad, eh? Not entirely without the odd trumpet or sax, The Fad are an awesome fast paced ska-punk band hailing from Long Island, NY. The great thing about these guys is their simplicity, seriously, I have nothing else to tell you about these guys - they're THAT simple. They just strum a few guitars, bang a few drums, pluck a few basslines and blow the ocassional horn.

Whether you dig the likes of Catch 22 and Operation Ivy or just enjoy the style of plain ol' punk rock you'll find something to like about The Fad.

Give it a listen

Pickitup Pickitup Pickitup


The Ropers - All The Time (1995)

"Friendships can be gauged on the mutual love of The Ropers" - Robert Hardy, Franz Ferdinand

"All The Time is one of the most completely inspiring rock records I've ever heard" - Richard Reed Parry, Arcade Fire

"One of the few 'indie' rock records that I would consider to be a classic. Lyrically - complex and gruesome. Musically - simple and sweetly melodic." - Andy Broder, Fog

Okay, okay, okay. So maybe those guys didn't actually say those things about this album and the wonderful band who recorded it. Maybe they were actually talking about another album by another band but the point still stands.

This album is amazing, and you should listen to it.

Give it a listen

I love buying obscure records

The Ropers are awesome, and it's a shame that all the members went on to do different things. However, if you find yourself in New York on the 14th of November you can grab a chance to see them performing together as a band for the first time in a long time. Just in case you're interested, y'know?


Lullatone - The Bedtime Beat (2008)

Wanna be happy and innocent ie. feel like a kid again? Well now you can!

This release from immensly childish japanese indie pop group Lullatone is a surefire way to brighten up your day and make you envious of many a child. Just listen to the opening track (a cute little number that features the playful sound of splish-splahing around in a bath) to see what you make of it. The rest isn't so different.

I will admit that there are a few tracks that aren't so upbeat, but they're still pretty innocent and childish. I think that comes down the the vocals, which are very hush-hush almost like a mother trying not to wake her baby.

Seriously, give it a spin.

Give it a listen

When I was a kid I bought albums


Butcher The Bar - Sleep At Your Own Speed (2008)

There's a sufficient lack of good singer-songwriters these days, it's a real shame. But then again, that just makes finding a good one that much sweeter doesn't it? Enter "Butcher The Bar".

I know next to nothing about this guy other than the fact that he's awesome and he's british.

There are a few things about this guy that I really love. For starters, his voice. Dat voice. It's quiet and soothing like nothing else you've ever heard, think Elliott Smith but quieter and you might be halfway there. Oh, and the instrumentation on this album is killer. He pulls a Shugo Tokumaru by playing a few more instruments than just acoustic guitar, which makes some of his songs stand out from the standard indie-folk affair.

Seriously, give it a go. I don't think you'll regret it. I guarentee some of his songs will make your heart melt.

Give it a listen

I'd like to butcher HIS bar, if you know what I mean...I mean buy his album


Antenna Error - Fix The Receiver (2009)

Antenna Error are the greatest polish alternative rock band that, no doubt, you've never heard of. They play a style of music that bears resemblance to post-rock grandaddy's Slint, but Antenna Error are a bit noisier and their frontwoman has a wonderfully emotional, raw voice. This EP is their only release as far as I know and it's an amazing listen that I recommend to everyone.

Oh, and don't worry, you'll be able to understand most of it (as their english is actually very good, props to them).

Give it a listen

I can't read polish but I totally wanna check out their myspace


Carissa's Wierd - Songs About Leaving (2002)

As autumn begins to show its head and winter draws ever closer it's nice to know there's a depressing slowcore album to listen to when you get home from another harsh, cold, dark day.

Carissa's Weird never made it big, and doesn't that just bring tears to your eyes? It's even more shocking when you think that they recorded this album, one of the most beautiful slowcore albums ever made. Lyrics that touch upon every personal subject you can think of, vocals that pierce your very being, and music that would make even the manliest man weep.

If you're new to slowcore as a genre, dim the lights, get comfy, shut the world out, think of the saddest moment in your life, and listen to this album. Shit's awesome, right?

If you're not new to slowcore, why the hell haven't you heard this album yet?

Give it a listen

If I buy this album the pain will go away, right?


LSD and the Search for God - LSD and the Search for God (2007)

Clearly there's only one thing better than LSD, and that's searching for God. So what happens when you do both? You get one of the most mindblowingly awesome shoegaze recordings to be released in recent years.

You like My Bloody Valentine? Good, because that's who these guys sound like. No, really. In the most sincerest form of flattery, LSD and the Search for God have gone down the same path as Algernon Cadwallader ie. sounding almost identical to the bands that are undoubtedly the apple in their eyes. But is that a bad thing? Of course not, after all it's not like Kevin Shields is going to release anything MBV are recording anytime soon, in fact you're probably only going to hear MBV's followup to Loveless once you've completed Duke Nukem Forever a few times. And by that I mean it's not going to happen (seriously, if you didn't get that you should feel bad).

So how does this debut EP from over-complicated named band LSD and the Search for God stand up? Pretty well. It's noisy, it's lush, it's actually pretty beautiful from time to time. In fact, it's got something MBV songs don't have; vocals you can understand (from time to time, of course).

So give it a listen, see what you think. Sure it ain't got a patch on Loveless, but if MBV were to ever release a new album I bet it would sound just like this.

Give it a listen

This shit sounds rad. Hook me up, bro


Church Library - My Very Dear Friend (2009)

Here's a nice surprise.

"My Very Dear Friend" is a short and sweet E.P. released on the always awesome record label Holiday Records. If you're a fan of dreamy female vocals like those found on The Innocence Mission's or Cocteau Twins stuff then this is for you. A wonderful blend of acoustic indie pop and lush dream pop, it may only be 3 songs but this release is a sign of a fuckwin band in the making.

Give it a listen

Tell me more about Holiday Records


Favorite Tracks: Archers of Loaf - Wrong

Archers of Loaf - Wrong
From "Icky Mettle"
Year: 1993

I'll be honest with you, this wasn't my first choice of the evening. I was originally going to post/talk about/show my love for another Archers of Loaf song entitled "Web In Front". But after thinking about it for a while, I realised that this probably outdoes it in every single way. It's faster, it's noisier, it's got one hell of a killer guitar tone, and one of the greatest/angstiest shoutout lyrics to ever grace this particular brand of early 90's indie rock.

First off you hear this warm, fuzzy guitar playing away untill a whistle comes in...yeah, a whistle. Or a flute maybe...actually...what is that? Sounds weird...wait...is that a guitar? It is. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it is. How they managed that we'll never know (but MBV might, see "Soon" for more crazy flute/whistle guitar). And as soon as you've got your head around that, it kicks in. Guitar, drums, bass, vocals, weird flute guitar all kicking out the jams. And that's all this song is. It's a jam. I'm not gonna overcomplicate it, because it's such an uncomplicated track. Noisy and raw, just how I like it. OH, and of course there's that awesome lyric (voted family feelgood lyric of the year, all the years) that kicks in at the end.

"I do not think you could like me anyway, because you are inferior to me"

OUCH, that's gotta hurt the chick he wrote that about.


ART-SCHOOL - Charlotte E.P. (2002)

I apologise for the low resolution image you see before you, but I couldn't find a better picture on the internet. Now, you just KNOW a band is obscure when they have no high-res, heck even mid-res, album art on the interbutts. So I present to you, ART-SCHOOL.

Sounding like a cross between At The Drive-In and early Radiohead (like, Pablo Honey early, yes y'know the Radiohead album fans choose to ignore even though "Anyone Can Play Guitar" is the jam of a lifetime/end rant) ART-SCHOOL are an immensly enjoyable j-rawk band. They have the raw power and emotion you'd expect from a post-hardcore band and the razor sharp, melodic guitar hooks you'd expect from an indie rock band. And y'know what? It works perfectly.

I'm gonna suggest you listen to this particular E.P. because it really shows just what this band is capable of in just 6 songs (1 of them being a cover of the Eels classic, "It's a Motherfucker"). You probably won't know what they're singing about, it being in japanese and all but you can hear true, raw, honest to God passion in these songs. Oh, and the fact that most of their song titles are girls names will give you an idea of what they're about (Boo hoo, she doesn't love me, boo hoo).

Give it a whirl, it's straight-up, no-nonsense, awesome j-rawk.

Give it a listen

I'm just buying that stairway up to heaven


Look Mexico - This Is Animal Music (2007)

If you listen to one album today make it this one. The debut album from uber-awesome indie rock, math rock, emo band Look Mexico is a bona fide masterpiece. They sound like This Town Needs Guns and Algernon Cadwallader's lovechild, and that's no bad thing. With killer math rock drum beats you won't be able to get your head around, excellent, layered, math rock arpeggio wanking guitar creating catchy-as-fuck melodies that back up some amazing vocals (for an emo band, anyway) that are spitting out some genius lyrics. There's a bass guitar in there as well.

A while back I thought This Town Needs Guns would become my saviours, creating new, interesting second wave-emo inspired music. But Look Mexico's debut blows "Animals" (This Town Needs Guns debut, in case you're out of the loop) out of the water. It's catchy, it's quick, it's emotional and it's experimental (with a very Books-esque recording playing throughout the album). It's utter genius is what it is is what it is.

Give it a listen

I am a wonderful person and I'd like to buy this


Favorite Tracks: Shugo Tokumaru - Clocca

Shugo Tokumaru - Clocca
From "Exit"
Year: 2007

So, how many of you maggots have actually heard of Shugo Tokumaru? Yeah, that's what I thought, none of you, and you should all feel terrible for that very reason. If only you knew what you were missing out on, well let me fill you in. Basically what you've got here is a mulit-instrumentalist creating beautiful yet childish melodies on a variety of instruments ranging from bells to bongo's, glokenspiels to guitars. The end product having something extremely playful and young about it, and the song "Clocca" is the embodiment of all of that.

Opening with a simple melody played on a recorder, you hear a whole bunch of other instruments flowing in creating this weird soundscape that is unlike anything else out there (especially when this second recorder comes in playing some eerie tune that kinda scares me). The rest of the song follows standard pop song affair, there's a verse then there's a chorus. HECK, there's even a bridge. I mean, sure, it's all in japanese so you will have no idea what the guy's singing about, but it sounds fuckwin because you can hear all these weird and wonderful instruments complimenting eachother throughout. It has to be heard to be understood.

Now, unfortunatley whilst looking for the release date of this song (and its respective album, Exit, which you should all download or buy or something) that Pitchfork came all over it. But don't let that put you off, it really is a wonderful collection of magical, experimental songs (that the guy mixed and recorded himself on his laptop....wow, I kinda get why Pitchfork liked it so much now).

One day I'll actually get around to listening to his other albums, and who knows they might actually be better.