Various Artists - XMAS MIX (2009)

It's the most wonderful time of the year (give or take a few days) so it's time to ditch all that good music you've been listening to for the majority of the year and stick on some Christmas themed tracks that everyone can enjoy!

Actually, fuck that. How about some music that wouldn't be out of place in your music collection whilst still retaining something that warrents them a spin at this most festive season? How about a Christmas playlist?

So this is a playlist lovingly created by some indispensable lass that I'm lucky to know. "What's on it?" I hear you ask. Well...I ain't gonna tell you, that's like giving people presents without wrapping them. Everyone knows half the fun is not knowing what the gift is going to be, thinking it's going to be that Archers of Loaf tshirt you asked for and ripping off the festive paper to discover it's actually a few pairs of socks.

But y'know what? Socks are fucken ace, and so is this playlist. So see what you make of it, and see if you can get yourself into the festive spirit without having to listen to WHAM!

Give it a listen

Archers Of Loaf tshirts? I'll take 20!


The Lillingtons - Death By Television (1999)

I was thinking of what to upload and post about today. I still have a lot of emo albums I want to share (left over from emo week!) but I feel like you, the reader, need a break from all that emocore nonsense. But then I was struggling to think of what I could possibly upload. Hmm...

Oh, what this? One of the greatest pop-punk albums ever? An album that is criminally overlooked by the public and critics alike? Sounds like the kind of thing I usually post around here, so why change now?

Well...actually, I feel like I've overhyped it now. Don't be expecting some album that will change your life and make you a better person, because this album ain't gonna do the trick. Don't get me wrong, it certainly is a masterpiece but only in the sense of it's the best at what it does. And what it does is throw countless two-minute punk tracks at you, each with catchy guitar hooks and melodies and choruses you'll be shouting *ahem* singing along to in no time.

Give it a whirl. You need some decent, manly punk to get you away from that sissy, emotional stuff.

Give it a listen

I want to be man and men BUY their music


A Weather - Cove (2008)

Well, long time no post. I think I've posted enough emo albums to last you all a good while (which is a shame, because I actually had a few more I wanted to share but I guess I'll save those for a rainy day). So to take a break from all that noisey, angsty, emotional bullshit here's a quiet, innocent and truly heartfelt album by some band you've never heard of. Does that sound good? Well, ever onwards then!

Again, this is one of those albums I've completely forgotten the story to - that is to say, I have no idea how I heard about it or got my hands on it but I have to admit, I wouldn't have it any other way. It seems so magical as a result.

A Weather are from all over the place, but they're based in Oregon which is where they make all those quiet, innocent, heartfelt songs I went on about before. And as far as I'm aware this is their only album as of now, and it's beautiful. Nine songs. That's all it is. Nine wonderful songs, each with its own story and personality. It's one of those albums were it's so hard to choose your favorite track because they're all amazing and unique. The one thing they all have in common is this very "hush" sound that makes listening to this album a very personal experience; it's like the band is whispering to you (telling you everything is going to be alright...ish). The lyrics are part of their charm as well, telling tales of heartbreak and the like. It's all stuff we can relate to and it really does add to that personal element I was just chattering on about.

And come on, the band themselves describes their songs as “The things that stuffed animals might tell you if they’d had a few too many.” If that doesn't appeal to you then I honestly think there's very little hope for you.

Give it a listen

It's like the band is whispering to me...they're saying "buy our album"