P.S. Eliot - Introverted Romance In Our Troubled Minds (2009)

Oh shit I love this album. It's like a mixture of everything I love in one beautiful, obscure record.

So get this. P.S. Eliot are this (near enough) all girl punk rock group that specialise in lovely fuzzy guitar melodies and even lovelier female vocals. Sounds like nothing special, right?

You're wrong.

Because they're so much more than just a punk rock band. They fuck that 3 power chords, 1-snare-3-4 drums and root note bassline routine and trade it in for sharp, catchy guitar lines that are reminiscent of twee pop bands like The Pastels and Shop Assistants, and a whole bunch of americana attitude (is dat sum harmonica?).

Don't get me wrong, they still write about those always-relevant-to-your-life-and-your-life-only songs that touch upon love and loss and all that crap. But it all feels so genuine. And I don't know about you but I'm a sucker for female vocals. Especially if the band is going to be singing somewhat bitter love songs.

So, to sum up. Female vocals, americana drenched punk pop, catchy as fuck, listen to it.

Give it a listen

Introverted Purchase In These Troubled Times?


  1. somebody just fucking rec'd this to me like a few weeks ago it's pretty awesome good work on continuing to blog like a huge fag

  2. Pff, I'm no fag. I'm just updating a few times today to raise the hopes of the few followers I have. Then once they've been tricked into thinking that the blog is alive I'm going to go back to not updating for the rest of my life. Genius, no?