Grammatics - Grammatics (2009)

Yes, I didn't update for over a month. No I don't really care.

So, Grammatics are a band I got into ages ago (see: before they were cool) back in the long forgotten year that was known as 2008. I was lucky enough to stumble across an article in some trendy, indie magazine (see: not NME) that namedropped this band called "Grammatics" and seemed to imply that they were somewhat decent. So I gave them a quick search on spotify and was surprised to see that such an obscure hip-as-fuck band would have a few songs on something like spotify. BUT I DIGRESS!

Long story short, I listened to their singles (and b-sides) and fell in love with their amazingly fresh, clean, and downright amazing sound. How a band made up of 4 people could create such a sound blew my mind, it seemed impossible. The only thing that was more impossible was trying to describe their sound to friends, ugh, let's see how I did shall we?

"they're like arcade fire if arcade fire only had 4 of its members"
"if alphabeat were more english...and not as poppy"
"mogwai-esque guitars from time to time, choir boy singing, killer drums...but it's all good. I SWEAR"

I don't think I ever really gave them credit, to be honest. Let's see if I can do a better job now.

So, each track they do is different and as a result it's hard to describe their overall sound since I guess there isn't one. Still, their lead singer has this angelic voice...but he plays guitar as well, and he used to be in a hard rock band (and it shows). But they've got this deeper, lusher, orchestrated sound. They always sound a bit eerie and weird. In fact, this album is interspersed with lots of random sound clips of people talking and such (sort of Smiths-esque).

Again, I'm not doing them credit. But it's hard to, since they're such an important band to me. Everything about them reminds me of a very important but odd time in my life, and I vividly remember listening to them every monday morning (another long story) and I certainly remember the day their debut album finally came out and I went out to get it (except I didn't, I got it the day after but shut it). It's an album that I sort of tossed away, I didn't listen to it too much. It was filled with different cuts of the songs I had listened to so much, and all of the new tracks weren't too great. Having listened to it again recently I can tell you that it's an amazing album with nothing but strong tracks. Especially "Broken Wing" which has always been my favorite track of theirs.

Give it a listen. You know you want to.

(also, I had a lot of brackets in this post, sorry about that)

(OH, and hopefully I'll start updating this blog thing again)

Give it a try

I bought it, so why don't you?

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